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Today Only

Sometimes it is difficult to focus on today only, this minute, this moment.  It is called being mindful, present moment.  For me it is prayer.  Some of us are planners, shakers and movers, and want the end result now.  But when I think of today only, I seek  the quiet moments, am still, empty myself of self, then I experience the presence of God.  No event to put on the calendar.  No problem to solve. No filling of my do-to list.  No seeking my next pleasure. And I do not have to suppose what someone will say and react to, or achieve earth-shattering participation levels for an employee wellness project. I just remain still before God alone, and open my heart to Him alone. “Be still and know that I am God.”

Take Lord receive all that is Yours my Lord,understanding my entire will, give me only Your love and Your grace, that’s enough for me, Your love and Your grace are enough for me. Stained Glass @ St. Paul's Episcopal Church


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